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"Our wish is that our jewellery will inspire to more love, light and joy in your life. A reminder of compassion, of that life is sacred and that all we have is right now. Charge your jewellery with your dreams, your love and your intentions"
Linda & Petra

Wear your L O V E - Premium lovingly handcrafted jewellery inspired by yoga and mindful living. Jewelry made for a life lived with intent. Supporting and spreading awareness about kids with deafblindness. We donate 5 % of our profit each year to Sense International.

We sell handcrafted, premium malas, bracelets and earrings that are inspired by yoga, healing, nature, meditation, self-compassion and L I F E. In short, jewellery made for a life lived with intent. Amandas Malas was born from our love for yoga and mindful living, our desire to live a life with intent and compassion and a desire to support and raise awareness about something very close to our hearts - deafblindness. Our malas can be used as a tool during yoga and meditation practice or just as necklace. Most of them carry an intention set by us, which you of course can replace with your own.

So who are we and why do we do this?  We are Linda and Petra, both of us mothers of a child with deafblindness. Deafblindness can be a severely challenging combination of disabilities for anyone - but we have lived and learnt that with the right support they can lead full lives and be active members of the community. Petra's daughter Amanda is 17 years old and Linda's son, Thomas passed away in 2009 at the age of 9. We have both been forced to finding strategies and tools to be able to cope and live a balanced life, which has resulted in our passion and desire to inspire people around us to live a healthier life. Petra is a yoga instructor and works with advertising. Linda works as a social worker in a Deafblind team in Gothenburg. Linda also works as a life coach and mindfulness instructor.

The name Amanda is Latin, which translated means "worthy of love" or "she must be loved". We have chosen this name as we are convinced that we all need to remind ourselves of the fact that everyone deserves unconditional love. When we open our hearts, when we feel and live compassion - our inner heart expands, allowing us to give more love to ourselves and to those around us.

Every time you purchase a piece of jewelry from us, you support children with special needs, specifically with deafblindness, in India.  We have partnered with an amazing organization in India, Sense International India They are a non-profit and non-governmental organisation that is currently transforming the lives of 77000+ children and adults with deaf blindness in 22 states across India. We have chosen to support a project that supports 10 children with deafblindness in Goa, India. Amandas Malas donate 5% each year of our profit. When you wear our jewelry you are reminded of your gift, of your love. If you wish to donate directly to Sense International India, all the info you need can be found here: http://www.senseintindia.org/donate

Research show that when we set an intention in our life, such as a personal goal, we are statistically more likely to achieve it. An intention can, for example be "My intention is to find peace and happiness within myself". The intention keeps us in line towards what we want and need in our life. Each mala has been set with an intention and has 108 beads and some of them 1 Gurubead and a silk tassel.

Why 108 beads? Traditionally number 1 represents the Source, the universe or the highest truth; 0 stands for humility in spiritual practice and the willingness to learn, for emptiness; and 8 represents infinity, eternity and timelessness. The guru bead represents the teacher - student relationship and the tassel stands for our enlightenment, our connection to the Divine and our consciousness - as it links our beads and Gurubead, holding the threads and beads together. Oneness.

Our wish is that our jewelry will be a reminder to remain balanced and to stay connected to what is important. Namaste

Amandas malas products are designed by us and hand made by female artisans with fair wage work in a loving environment. A small family business that we work closely with. We buy directly from our artisans, none of our jewellery is made in a factory setting.

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Företaget innehar F-skatt sedel Organisationsnummer: 559104-5165 (Our company is registered in Sweden following Swedish tax laws)

We sell our jewellery through other retailers, if you are interested in selling our products in your shop -  you are welcome to contact us on info@amandasmalas.com for more information.

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Courses & Workshops
Linda and Petra offer workshops and courses in both Swedish and English. Usually we mix lectures with yoga and mindfulness. If interested, please contact us at info@amandasmalas.com or +46 (0)733-11 77 33 (Petra).


Hur antar man utmaningen när livet utmanar? 

En inspirerande föreläsning som blandar personliga reflektioner med professionella verktyg. Speciellt utformad för skolor och assistansföretag, såväl medarbetare som föräldrar.

Alla människor möter sina utmaningar i livet. En del går att hantera snabbt och smärtfritt medan andra inte låter sig lösas lika enkelt.

Linda Forshaw och Petra Liljeblad har båda upplevt hur det är att bli förälder till ett barn med omfattande funktionsnedsättningar, däribland dövblindhet. De vet hur det känns när orken tar slut, men också hur man får orken tillbaka med rätt inställning och rätt verktyg.

Nu finns chansen att få ta del av alla erfarenheter som Linda och Petra har samlat på sig. En godispåse med lärdomar som spänner över fält som mindfulness, medveten närvaro, självmedkänsla och stresshantering.  

Förvänta dig en föreläsning som blandar glädje med det som berör. Som tar upp den senaste forskningen för att kunna hantera livet mer effektivt och medvetet. Som skapar insikter om vad som bidrar till välmående och glädje i vardagslivet. Allt varvat med övningar och möjligheter att själv få prova på olika verktyg.

Varje föreläsning är individuellt utformad för att säkra att alla som deltar ska få ut största möjliga nytta. Kontakta oss på info@amandasmalas.com för offertförslag och referenser. Varmt välkommen!

Linda är socionom och har arbetat som kurator och krönikör. Hon är diplomerad mindfulnessinstruktör.

Petra är civilekonom och har arbetat som projektledare inom reklam och IT. Hon har arbetat för Förbundet Sveriges Dövblinda och är utbildad inom yoga. 

 Amandas Malas säljer smycken - halsband, armband, örhängen och malas- inspirerade av mindfulness, yoga och livet självt. Vi skänker 5 % av vår vinst årligen till Sense India International.