Men’s Mala Bracelet in Pietersite with Amethyst bead or Aquamarine bead

249 SEK

Bracelet in Pietersite with a single bead in Amethyst or Aquamarine.

Size approx 20,5 cm. Bead appox 4 mm.

Spiritual - Intuition - Dreams
Traditionally this stone is known as being a spiritually powerful, cleansing and protective stone. It is associated with promoting love of the divine and opening intuition. It is believed to aid us in accessing our dreams and supporting us in processing them. A stone known to alleviate sadness and grief, supporting us in coming to terms with loss. Chakra: Third eye/Crown

Courage- truth - clarity
Traditionally this stone is known as the stone of courage. It is believed that it’s calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind.  It is said to have an affinity with sensitive people and to invoke tolerance of others. A stone believed to giving support to those overwhelmed by responsibility.  Aquamarine is said to clarify perception, sharpen the intellect and clear confusion. Useful for closure on all levels.  It is also known to promoting self-expression and soothing fears.

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