CHAKRA bracelet Howlite with silver charm Lotusmandala

399 SEK

Handmade Chakra balancing bracelet including seven different gemstones representing each one of the seven chakras with Howlite beads.
Garnet - root chakra - survival, security, fear control, grounding.
Carnelian - sacral chakra - creativity, sexuality.
Citrine - solar plexus chakra - self-esteem, confidence, willpower.
Prehnite - heart chakra - love, compassion, hope. Aquamarine - throat chakra - communication.
Kyanite - third eye chakra - wisdom, intuition.
Amethyst - crown chakra - our spiritual center, awareness.
Approximate size: 19 cm, please note bead sizes are 6-8 mm.

Please note that our descriptions and texts about our products, healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. 

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