Design your own MALA / Repair mala

250 SEK

Give us instructions on what you would like to create, with what stones, pattern etcetera and we will help you achieve it. A Mala can take anything from2-8 weeks to complete- we need plenty of time to source stones and have it made... 

We are happy to provide suggestions as to what stones you may ‘need’ from a traditional belief system.

250 SEK is the fee for the designing process, the price of the mala will be added once it is complete and you as a customer have confirmed purchase and is happy with the end result.

If you have an old mala that has broken and you want to have it repaired, we can do that for you. Sending your mala to us is not included in the price.  How to order: If there is an exciting mala in our shop that you want to make some minor changes to, for example change the tassel for a pendant or maybe add som different beads along the mala- put that mala in you basket as well as the service ‘design your own mala’ to complete your order. If you want to design a whole new design, purchase only the “design your own mala” and we will invoice you the cost of the mala once it has finished. Email us on if this is unclear or you have any questions