GAIA 108 Mala - Premium mala in Tiger Eye, Bronzite & Picture Jaspis

1299 SEK

Handcrafted Mala Necklace in Tiger Eye, Bronzite & Picture Jaspis. 108 beads plus one Guru bead/large pendant in Tiger Eye Quan Yin (feminine Buddha). Knot in between each bead. Approx 42 cm (total 84 cm)

Grundande- beskyddande- balanserande

Length: approx 42 cm/17,3 inch. Pendant Approx. 4 cm 

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Article number: M-TE-1

Bronzite is a beautiful earthy brown gemstone with gorgeous golden shimmers. It's very much a grounding stone that also offers protection from negative energies and enhancement of intuition. It can also be a helpful ally for strengthening self-confidence and courage in overwhelming situations.

Picture Jasper
Nurturing , Stability, Deepens Your Connection to the Earth
In many cultures around the world, a Picture Jasper Stone is valued for its deep connection to the Earth. As a nurturing and protective stone, the picture jasper meaning brings comfort by alleviating fear, stress and anxiety.

Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye is described as a stone of mental clarity and balance. It is known to sharpen our intellect and logic and energize the body to to accomplish the imperatives of the will. Tiger Eye can also lend us strength to overcome fatigue and discouragement

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