MY HEALTH Mala bracelet in African Turquoise & Amazonite with silver charm Lotusmandala

349 SEK

MY HEALTH Mala bracelet in genuine African Turquoise and Amazonite with silver Lotusmandala charm

Turquoise Truth - Protection - Strength
Traditionally this stone is known as a stone of protection and has been used as amulets to protect the wearer from challenges on a journey. It is believed to support the wearer to speak their truth and aid in communication. It is known to assist creative problem-solving and calm nerves when speaking in public. Turquoise is also associated with healing of the heart. Chakra: Throat/Thymus/Third Eye

Self-confidence - Soothing - Hope
Traditionally this stone is known as the stone of hope. It is believed to aid in protection against geo-pathic stress and electromagnetic pollution. It is known as an extremely soothing stone, promoting universal love and intuition. A stone associated with offering support during an adventure and being on a journey, reminding us of our inner power and strength. Chakra: Throat, Heart & Thymus

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