ALIGNMENT Mala in African turquoise, Picture Jasper and Amazonite

1849 SEK

Lovingly handknotted mala in African turquoise, Picture Jasper and Amazonite with a gurubead in picture jasper. Length approximately  54 cm with pendant (total 108 cm)

Relaxation - Alignment - Dreams
Traditionally this stone is known as 'the supreme nurturer'. It is believed to contain hidden messages or 'pictures' from the past and support us during periods of stress. It is known to bring tranquility and wholeness. Jasper is used in healing practises and is believed to align the chakras. It is associated with the facilitation of shamanic journeys and dream recall. It is regarded a very protective stone. Chakra: Third eye & Base

Truth - Protection - Strength
Traditionally this stone is known as a stone of protection and has been used as amulets to protect the wearer from challenges on a journey. It is believed to support the wearer to speak their truth and aid in communication. It is known to assist creative problem-solving and calm nerves when speaking in public. Turquoise is also associated with healing of the heart. Chakra: Throat/Thymus/Third Eye

Self-confidence - Soothing - Hope
Traditionally this stone is known as the stone of hope. It is believed to aid in protection against geo-pathic stress and electromagnetic pollution. It is known as an extremely soothing stone, promoting universal love and intuition. A stone associated with offering support during an adventure and being on a journey, reminding us of our inner power and strength. Chakra: Throat, Heart & Thymus

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