GAIA Mala in 108 beads in Orbicular Agate and Labradorite with silver charm Lotus Mandala

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GAIA Mala in 108 beads in Orbicular Agate and Labradorite

Unique GAIA Mala in 108 beads in Orbicular Agate and Labradorite . This guru bead is one of a kind and lovingly chosen for this mala. The ocean’s waves reminds us of life’s ebb and flow. A reminder to try to welcome the new and release what no longer serves us. Wear this mala as a reminder to embrace the ebb and the flow of your journey. Approximate length  82 cm (41 plus 41) plus 5 cm pendant



Transformation - Guidance— Synchronicity 

Traditionally this stone is known as the stone of magic. It is believed to be a highly mystical and protective stone, a bringer of light. A stone associated with the ability to raise consciousness and aid in connecting with universal energies. It is known to deflect negative energies and prevent energy leakage. A beautiful companion through change, providing strength and perseverance. Chakra: Root, Heart, Throat, Third eye & Crown

Ocean Jasper /Atlantis Jasper / Orbicular Jasper

Relaxation - Protection - Love

Traditionally this stone is known as a nurturing and protective stone. It is believed to help encourage patience, release emotional blockages and rid us of anger. It is known as a stone of joy and is associated with renewing our enthusiasm for life. It is known to balance our emotions and encourage empathy towards others. Chakra: Solarplexus, Heart & Throat

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