Talisman in Black Agate

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Talisman bracelet in Black Agate

Our talisman bracelet in Black Agate - a perfect gift for someone stepping into a new adventure in their life, a holiday, a new job or whatever it may be. A talisman supporting it’s wearer by reminding him of trusting life as it unfolds. size: fits wrists 19 -21cm, beads approximately 4-5mm.

Black Agate

Protection - Grounding - Calm

This stone is traditionally known as a very grounding and fiercely protective crystal. It is believed to give a calming peace that supports us during periods of bereavement. It is known to bring clarity, control, and concentration to all scenarios. Black agate is also said to support inner strength to move on and to be helpful in keeping the peace in stressful households, protecting us from negativity.

Wear your L O V E - Premium lovingly handcrafted jewellery, inspired by yoga and mindful living. Jewelry made for a life lived with intent. Supporting and spreading awareness about kids with deafblindness. 

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